Why choosing PVC

Why choosing PVC, a resistant, hygienic and cheap material

The acronym stands for polyvinyl chloride and it is one of the most used plastic materials in the construction industry and in others. Let’s talk about PVC, a polymer obtained from petroleum and sodium chloride distillation. Anyway, why should you choose PVC for private houses and public buildings? The reasons are different. Indeed, it is an elastic material that is non-flammable, resistant to wear and water, guarantees an excellent sound insulation and has a quite low price. Moreover, it is eco-friendly since it is one of the few materials that is completely recyclable.



Given its advantages, the reason for choosing PVC as an ideal solution in different cases should be clear. For example, this material is used to produce window fixtures that are resistant to seepages and weather conditions, are lightweight, manageable and fire-resistant, as well as hoses and connections for hydraulics.

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One of the most common applications is in the flooring field. The elasticity makes PVC a suitable material for places for children, such as bedrooms or kindergartens; the resistance to water and the ease of cleaning allow the application in bathrooms, kitchens or laundries; and the resistance to wear and foot traffic makes it the best choice for big public places, such as schools and hospitals.
Sacrificing the aesthetic appearance is not necessary: the development of digital graphics allows to reproduce different kinds of material – both the colour and sometimes even the tactile sensation – from parquet to porcelain stoneware. Easy to install, PVC is also suitable for DIY and it can be easily installed on already-existing floors during a refurbishment thanks to its contained thickness.

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Why choosing PVC even in a classy house

Despite its advantages, in the past, the PVC suffered the reputation of being an unnatural and cold material. Actually, nowadays, this prejudice is completely unfounded and this has been proved by the appearance of the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) floors on the market. In addition to the aforementioned advantages of PVC, the LVT allows to reproduce the features of wood, stone and minerals with more accuracy, thus increasing the design solutions.



Profilpas knows the reasons for choosing PVC well and, aware of all the advantages of this polymer, it has created a line of profiles and skirting boards for LVT floors [LINK] that are customizable so as to reproduce the floor finishing perfectly.
LVT is an acronym that characterizes the innovative vinyl floors that can combine a great surface resistance with a natural and accurate reproduction of wood, stone and resins.

For this specific kind of surface, Profilpas has created a range of profiles for LVT floors that are offered in 42 decors, including 4 anodised, and in 38 finishes of wood and resins. Moreover, thanks to the digital printing technology Profilpas Digital System, there is the possibility of increasing the customizations, thus multiplying the colours.

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