LED skirting board, a functional and original choice


Why choosing a LED skirting board

Interior design is an incessantly evolving sector, constantly looking for solutions which combine aesthetic and functionality. In this context, even the skirting board is a precious element: indeed, the space is incomplete without a skirting board that matches the floor harmoniously. Nowadays, one of the most original versions on the market is represented by items enriched with LED lights. But why choosing a LED skirting board?

First of all, it is the perfect solution for marking the passage by night. Indeed, its delicate lighting allows to move without switching the main lights on, thus increasing safety at the same time: thanks to these lights, the risk of stumbling or hitting the feet against the pieces of furniture is reduced.

Moreover, we should not underestimate the aesthetic value: the LED skirting board creates captivating a soft light effect and is perfect by night, when the sun goes down, in every room of the house.

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Why choosing a led skirting board - Metal Line 89/6 LED

Metal Line 89/6 LED

The luminous skirting board by Profilpas

There are many answers about why choosing the LED skirting board. But which model should you choose? Profilpas has created Metal Line 89/6 LED, a refined finishing element in anodised aluminium with LED strip lighting system which perfectly combines design with functionality. This solution is characterized by a luminous strip which goes through the whole length of the profile, thus spreading light uniformly. Metal Line 89/6 LED also offers the possibility to add a dimmer which allows to adjust the light intensity of the skirting board, both for an elegant furnishing function and for a sober night courtesy light.

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