White skirting boards

The white skirting board, why choose it?

If you are one of those people who find it hard to decide on colour schemes and you’re also struggling with the choice of skirting board for your home, this post might interest you! Today, we’re talking about white skirting boards, extras that can adapt themselves perfectly to any furniture style!

Some people say skirting boards should be of the same colour as the flooring but others say that going for colour contrast between flooring and skirting boards creates a better effect. Whatever solution you go for, what is clear is that when it comes to creating a pleasing living space it’s important to harmonise flooring and walls paying particular attention to the colour of the skirting boards.

White skirting boards can be chosen to match white walls, if you are going for a kind of “camouflage” effect, making the transition between flooring and wall virtually invisible. Or on the other hand, white skirting boards against coloured walls can create interesting colour contrasts.

Contrary to popular belief, white skirting boards are not actually difficult to clean, but rather they make it easy to see any dust or dirt that can then be quickly cleaned off with a duster. Or if it’s a case of black scuff marks from shoes, these can be removed using an ordinary eraser.

Profilpas white skirting boards

The style potential of white skirting boards is not just about their ability to fade into the background: the brightness of the white finish can also add class and elegance to the home, creating a cared-for and refined feel. When it comes to home finishings, recent trends point to increasing sophistication coupled with a certain minimalism. Of all home finishings, white skirting boards are one of the few that are highly versatile, lending themselves readily to domestic and working environments.

In the Profilpas catalogue there is, of course, the range of white skirting boards, made of various materials such as PVC and aluminium.

The white painted skirting boards options which you will find in the wide Profilpas range are the 89/ and 90/ in aluminum.

White Skirting Boards - Metal Line 90/6

Metal Line 90/6

But in PVC, almost all the options are available in white, including items 8605 and 8608, also available with Alcrom® Plus Presto film coating also available in white.

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