Waterproofing of shower and bathroom walls


Waterproofing of bathroom walls: how to do it?

Stains, mold and rings are the most visible damages of humidity: they are often caused by accumulation of condensation and can definitely ruin the most intimate room of the house. An accurate waterproofing of bathroom and shower walls is necessary to hinder these problems efficiently as they are the most delicate parts of this place.

For this matter, Profilpas has created a specific product. It is the innovative WPSTOP, a system of waterproofing membranes in polypropylene for an efficient fixing of the tiles adhesive and a good “crack bridging” (bridge for cracks). WPSTOP is able to create a waterproofing layer adhering to floors and walls in ceramic and marble and it is directly laid on a levelled base, with tiles adhesive compliant with standard DIN EN 12004 class C2. After that, you can proceed with the laying of tiles with a thin layer of glue and proper adhesive DIN EN 12004.

WPSTOP for the waterproofing of shower walls

Thanks to this specific technical characteristics, WPSTOP is a suitable membrane for the waterproofing of the bathroom and shower walls. Indeed, it is a perfect barrier for vapor and is largely used as protection from humidity and harmful substances for the base of floors and walls: a guarantee not only for domestic bathrooms, but also in food and other industries.

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Waterproofing of Bathroom Walls - WPSTOP

WPSTOP – internal corner, external corner and collar

To complete this system of waterproofing of shower walls, Profilpas also offers internal and external corners, stripe and collar for sealing. If you need to waterproof the junctions and the connections between the membrane and special pieces, Profilpas recommends to use a polymer sealant MS (PP/96) at the extremity and to superimpose the special piece on the membrane of almost 5 cm. Conversely, near perimetral junctions and expansion joints, you should use a 14-cm-wide stripe between the two cloths, glued on both sides with polymer sealant MS (PP/96).

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