Profilpas enters the world of waterproofing with the new membranes WPstop

The new waterproofing membranes WPstop proposed by Profilpas

Profilpas’ experience in the field of profiles and systems for bathrooms and the increasing demand of floor-level shower drains, coordinated profiles and waterproofing systems have prompted the R&D department to find solutions for the continuous demand for waterproofing systems and installations on indoor and outdoor problematic substrates. Profilpas has entered this sector with the new waterproofing membranes for indoor and outdoor use WPstop 3 and WPstop drain 10, two reliable, versatile and rapid solutions for the laying of ceramic and stone floors and coverings of bathrooms, balconies, terraces and problematic supports.

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WPstop 3 is a waterproofing, uncoupling and anti-fracture membrane for indoor and outdoor use: indeed, besides being an efficient barrier to water, this membrane neutralizes the transmission of the underlying tensions in case of cracked substrates and facilitates the dispersal of vapor coming from moist substrates, thus accelerating the building time.

Waterproofing membranes WPstop - WPstop 3

WPstop 3

WPstop drain 10 is a draining membrane in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with truncated cones structure and a filtering permeable fabric. This membrane is particularly suitable for large outdoor floors and prevents from the risk that rainwater enters the flooring and meets the waterproof layer without a way out.

Waterproofing membranes WPstop - WPstop drain 10

WPstop drain 10

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