The house fills up with light and elegance with total white interiors

Total white interiors for furnishing the house

White is an everlasting colour, especially when talking about decorating domestic spaces, thanks to its ability to adapt to any style. There are many advantages deriving from total white interiors for your home: here are some instructions for it.

The properties of white

In the field of interior design, white has a prominent role. It fills up the space with light and helps creating spatial illusions that make the rooms look bigger. Furthermore, since it is a neutral tonality, it perfectly matches any other colour. Another advantage to consider is that this colour is universally acknowledged as symbol of pureness and is able to instill calm and serenity.

Total white interiors

Moreover, choosing total white interiors allows to give the house a minimalist and contemporary style in a simple way. All you have to do is consider some devices.

Total white interiors - Metal Line 87/6

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Each room with a unique style

Total white interiors are perfect for every space. First of all, you should paint the walls. The wide backgrounds give an immediate feeling of space and brightness, both in an open space and in a bathroom. Then, if you want to give the room a more modern look, you can opt for coordinated furniture.

Choosing a polished shade gives an elegant and timeless look, especially if animated by elements of contrast. Adding chrome-plated details or strong colours – for example for ovens and burners or for sofas and ornaments – creates pleasant contrasts that guide the guests’ eyes towards special points of interest.

Total white interiors - Metal Line 87/6

Metal Line 87/6

Our solutions for total white interiors

To make the total white interiors more special, you can use minimalist profiles. To meet this need, Profilpas has created Metal Line 87/6 and 88/6, a line of flush-with-the-wall skirting boards for plasters and plasterboards.

The combination of the base in natural aluminium and the insert in wood or aluminium allows to obtain a profile that perfectly integrates with the surface and that, at the same time, highlights the perimeter of the spaces without limiting the borders. Moreover, the inserts are available in different finishes, such as matt white RAL 9010, a perfect colour to highlight the wall surface in an efficient and discreet way.

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