Choosing the kitchen tiles is a matter of style

The tiles for a modern kitchen must follow fashion trends

Choosing the tiles for a modern kitchen is not always easy. Indeed, these elements define the style of the space decisively and, for this reason, you should pay attention to the latest trends in order to make the right choice.

This year, for example, one of the main trends are the small marble strips in a herringbone pattern in order to create a more lively effect. Brightness is guaranteed by the natural shades of the material.

Another long-lasting fashion trend are the so-called “subway tiles” with small diamonds used by the architects Heins and LaFarg for the wall coverings of the New York subway. Available in white and shiny black, they give a special appeal both to a minimalist kitchen and to a vintage one.  On the contrary, patterned tiles give a cheerful touch of liveliness. The coloured motifs that hark back to the floors of the early 900 are suitable for a country style, while the tiles with geometrical patterns and large formats are ideal for industrial furnishings.

When choosing the tiles for a modern kitchen, you should also consult your taste. You can use contrasting elements or you can alternate between light and dark tones. Moreover, you should also pay a special attention to the combination of the false ceiling and the tiles.

Tiles for a modern kitchen - Profile for tiled kitchens Cerfix® Protop

Profile for tiled kitchens Cerfix® Protop

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Profilpas profiles for the tiles of a modern kitchen

When choosing the tiles for your modern kitchen, you should not ignore details. That’s why Profilpas has created Cerfix® Protop, a line of profiles for the protection and the finishing of the external corners of worktops and tiled surfaces. They are available both in silver anodised aluminium and in titanium anodised aluminium.

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