Profilpas tile trims

What are tile trims?

Tile trims are profiles that are useful to solve the matter of tiles corners. These are items whose versatility is the main characteristic. Not only have tile trims an important aesthetic value, but they also have a great functional importance: indeed, they are suitable for those tiles that require a certain finishing element to cover and protect from their sharp corners.

There are unlimited chances of use and many kinds of tile trims. Profilpas offers tile trims made of different materials that have diverse technical features: from stainless steel to aluminium, until brass and PVC.

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Profilpas tile trims

Protrim is a line of tile trims made of aluminium, stainless steel, brass or PVC. This line is specifically designed to seal and protect the external corners of ceramic tiles coverings, thus avoiding the unsightly and fragile cut at 45°. The rounded shape of this profile also acts as symmetrical and accident-preventive finishing for corners. These tile trims are also suitable for the sealing and the protection of floors, steps and platforms.

The stainless steel version offers a special combination of design and functionality and it has excellent features, for example the resistance to corrosion and chemicals. Protrim AISI 316 is recommended for pools, spas and spaces that are exposed to salt, while Protrim AISI 304 is suitable for hospitals and food storage spaces.

Tile Trims - Protrim

Protrim AISI 304 in stainless steel

Proangle is a line of tile trims made of aluminium, stainless steel, brass or PVC. Its square shape clearly defines the laying of materials such as rectified porcelain stoneware. Available in different materials, colours and finishing, this line offers diverse models, for example Proangle Q, particularly suitable for the sealing and the protection of floors and corners of coatings such as stone, ceramic and marble. Moreover, these tile trims can also be useful for the finishing of worktops and platforms.

Tile Trims - Proangle Q

Proangle Q in copper bright satin aluminium

Another tile trim included in the Proangle line is Proangle F, a triangular profile that is available in aluminium and stainless steel. It is recommended as decorative and closing element for external corners of tiles. The stainless steel version with reduced base is suitable for the protection and the finishing of internal corners of tiled walls and floors.

Tile Trims - Proangle F

Proangle F

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