The system for the laying of floors

The system for the laying of floors by Profilpas

The laying of the floor is an extremely delicate procedure that requires technical expertise, great attention and experience. You also need the right tools to complete the work in detail and efficiently. Now we are going to explain the system for the laying of floors created by Profilpas, an efficient and quick system.

The system for the laying of floors - Protiler Kit

Protiler Kit

First of all, you need to know that not all the floors are the same. Every kind has its own difficulties and requires specific techniques and solutions. For example, those who would like to choose ceramic tiles have to make sure that the surface is flat and has not imperfections. Moreover, the selection of the adhesive is important and you have to keep in mind the material, the place of installation (inside or outside) and the format of tiles. Apparently, these are just small expedients that, however, contribute to create an optimal result.

However, as already outlined before, besides these aspects, you should also pay attention to the system for the laying of floors. For the delicacy of the procedure, you should refer to the experts of the field that have precise and efficient tools that can solve all the difficulties.

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The system for the laying of floors: Protiler, an easy and quick system

Profilpas has created Protiler, a system for the laying of ceramic and stone tiles that is suitable for thicknesses from 3 to 12 mm. This technology has been specifically designed to avoid the vertical movement among the single tiles during the phase of sticking of the adhesive. The result is a homogeneous surface refined in the smallest detail. Protiler system includes an adjustable traction plier for the laying of floors and coverings, designed to carry out the work with the minimum effort and in less time as possible.

The system for the laying of floors - Clips


The Profilpas system for the laying of floors also includes cross spacers to position tiles at the same distance from each other: a simple tool that guarantees an impeccable result.

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