Hygienic connection profiles

Profilpas hygienic connection profiles

Maintaining and promoting the health of the community is important, and even more in a medical or food place. Profilpas knows it and that‘s why we have applied the certified antibacterial technology to our products thus guaranteeing a reduction of bacteria until 99%. Profilpas hygienic connection profiles with this technology effectively decrease the bacteria on the surface, in full compliance with industry regulations.

The spaces that require a high level of cleanliness, such as medical clinics, food industries, swimming pools, hospitals and more, are many. This happens both for a special attention to the theme of health, and for the legal obligations and regulations of the sector which must be strictly observed. For this reason, it is essential to use reliable and high-quality products.

Hygienic connection profiles: BLAH/, BH/20, ZVH, RVH/ and ZQVNH/ by Profilpas

In Profilpas catalogue, many lines of profiles also offer their antibacterial model: for example, Proangle – the external corners profile with square shape – is available in ZVH/ version, and Proangle Q, suitable for the finishing of floors and edges, has the ZQVNH/ version.

Protrim also has its antibacterial model: RVH/, the profile designed to edge and protect the outside corners of tiles with a rounded and symmetrical shape for accident prevention. These profiles are also available in stainless steel and offer an excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals: the models in stainless steel AISI 304 are recommended in food industries, kitchens, hospitals and external spaces; conversely, those in stainless steel AISI 316 are suitable for swimming pools, spas and places exposed to salt or to the aggression of chlorine and its compounds.

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The hygienic connection profiles of Proround line are the ones called BLAH/, ideal for the application on already-laid surfaces. This is the best solution for refurbishments in places such as hospitals and food and chemical industries where bacteriostatic performances are needed.

Hygienic connection profiles -BLA-20


In the end, Sanibord is the line of technical profiles in colour-coated aluminum and PVC particularly suggested as a connection between coverings and bathroom fixtures or between coverings and counter tops. In particular, Sanibord BH/20 allows to avoid the use of silicone for sealing and, in addition to aesthetic benefits, it guarantees an appropriate standard over time thanks to the certified antibacterial technology.

All the aforementioned hygienic connection profiles have passed the internationally recognized test JIS Z 2801: 2000 and guarantee the reduction of the most dangerous bacteria until 99%: therefore, they are suitable for those places where a maximum level of cleaning is required.

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