How to decorate and make a romantic-style house more refined

The secrets of the furniture of a romantic-style house

Which are the characteristics of the furniture of a romantic-style house? Living in a home where furniture and walls colours reflect this philosophy is the dream of many people. The Parisian style interprets this inspiration effectively, as it is a charming and very chic decor variation characterized by an extreme refinement of materials, decorations and friezes that closely resemble the atmosphere beyond the Alps.

Some concrete examples? In the most intimate room of the house, i.e. the bathroom, bathtubs with exposed legs are usually placed in the center of the room, while, in the living area, upholstered chairs with floral-patterned cloth are usually used. And in the bedroom? For this space, the “rules” of furniture of a romantic-style house suggest using a bed with an elegant wrought iron headboard.

Moreover, to protect your privacy, tents must not be forgotten: better if crocheted, slotted or embroidered. Even details need special attention: those who love the beauty of furniture in a romantic-style house cannot  give up using single-coloured or patterned fabrics, perhaps with fluffy ruffles.

The furniture of a romantic-style house: Profilpas solutions

The details and the ability to customize a space make the difference in the furniture of a romantic-style house. We, Profilpas team, are well aware of it and, for this reason, we have created Profilpas Digital System. This is an exclusive innovative digital printing system which allows to create profiles and skirting boards that are identical to the floor. Thanks to a special production process, we can produce every wood or patterned decor: in this way, customizing a profile becomes really simple. Therefore, you can choose among more than 250 existing decors or can send us a sample of your floor which is scanned, strictly checked and, after that, printed and delivered.

PDS technology allows to create endless decorative chances to make your house more original. Customizable skirting boards become exclusive and unique pieces.

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The furniture of a romantic style house

Profilpas Digital System

PDS technology is also ideal for the profiles for LVT floors, a kind of laminate floor characterized by low thickness which is suitable for refurbishments. The innovative digital printing system makes these profiles more versatile and able to satisfy every functional and aesthetic need.

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