The R&D department explains what is behind the development of Profilpas products

The development of Profilpas products: interview with Mr Giulio Curti, architect and R&D manager of the company

For Profilpas, the activities of research and development are the starting point to create innovative products which are able to meet the different market needs. Both are fundamental to the company growth: indeed, the constant creation of new products and the continuous enhancement of the existing ones have always allowed Profilpas to keep pace with the new requests of the professionals in the sector.

Here follows a brief but interesting interview with Mr Giulio Curti, architect and R&D manager of the company, to discover what is behind the development of Profilpas products.

What are the key principles behind the design of Profilpas products?

The design of Profilpas products is mainly based on three key points: the awareness of the market needs by following the customers’ demand and the current market trends, the creation of extremely functional solutions to improve and simplify the quality of the work, the accurate research on the most innovative materials to create exclusive solutions. Each article is not born by chance but it is the result of a good teamwork and different internal and external partnerships with university laboratories and schools of design.

What does quality mean for Profilpas?

Quality is our watchword. It starts with the choice of the material through the use of nontoxic raw materials and top-class stainless steel, brass and aluminium alloys that are compliant with the current regulations. A special attention is also given to the packaging: each product is checked and individually packaged in order to guarantee the protection until the final user. Lastly, it is important to highlight our dedication to the logistics: Profilpas is always active to guarantee an efficient and punctual service to all customers with quick deliveries everywhere and in each time of the year.

How can you define Profilpas products in a “green” context?

We can be proud to handle materials that are recyclable by their nature. Indeed, steel, aluminium, brass and PVC – if separated – are 100% recyclable. Even our packaging – excepting some special kinds –  is 99% recyclable as it is made of recycled cardboard. As further proof of our environmental sensitivity, we have recently mapped our products to determine their contribution to the achievement of the LEED® certification. Moreover, our products have been inserted in the “green” database GREENiTOP®.

Can you anticipate which new products will be presented in the near future, perhaps at the next edition of Cersaie?

Profilpas research is always active in finding new materials and technologies to be applied to the world of profiles. Cersaie – the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings – is forthcoming and, as every year, we will be present among the main protagonists in the sector with special news in the field of trendy finishes, profiles and systems for bathrooms and profiles with integrated LED technology.

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