Beach houses: from the classic ceramic tiles to the elegant wood floor

How to choose the best flooring for a beach house

Many people dream about living in a house with sea view. Those who already have this good fortune should not underestimate the choice of materials, focusing on the most suitable ones to make the space as comfortable as possible. For example, what is the best flooring for a beach house?

The best flooring for a beach house must take inspiration from the typical colours of the waves and the sea foam. To follow these features, there are the endless ceramic tiles with themed shades that are extremely resistant and beautiful.

If you prefer a warmer atmosphere to the shininess of ceramic tiles, you can opt for a wood floor, the undisputed king of the floors and of the furniture in a beach house. The wood floors, and in particular those in oak, are perfect for the houses close to the beach. In this regard, the last trends of interior design are turning to a total white that involves not only the furniture but also the floors. This creates a brighter effect thanks to the wood floor with large boards in pickled bleached oak.

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The skirting boards PVC Line 8605

The best flooring for a beach house - PVC Line 8605

PVC Line 8605

After choosing the best flooring for a beach house you should “frame” it with a skirting board that highlights its beauty. For this reason, Profilpas has created an extremely functional line: PVC Line 8605,  a skirting board in foam PVC covered with PDS film. It is available in 73 decors and it can also be customized with a minimum order of 500 meters. PVC Line 8605 can be fixed to the wall with adhesive (PP/96) or with nails. It has many advantages: it does not absorb water, does not contain formaldehyde, it is resistant to shocks, wear, UV rays and to the cleaning products for floors and wall coverings.

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