Light shapes, decorates and adds safety

The advantages of illuminated stairs

A ray of light that moves upwards, thus creating a unique atmosphere. This is not magic, but illuminated stairs, the latest trend of light design for highlighting each kind of stair even in the dark. The choice is not at random: indeed, the advantages of illuminated stairs are many and this solutions has conquered the imagination and creativity of interior designers, thus giving life to more beautiful and safer spaces.

So, which are the advantages of illuminated stairs? First of all, you have to remember how light is able to shape and defined every detail, this underlining the structure of the stairs and creating a particularly suggestive atmosphere. Moreover, well-lit stairs guarantee a high level of safety and the correct orientation, especially by night.

The advantages increase if you use LED lights: in this case, not only do the stairs change the atmosphere of the house, but they also guarantee comfort and a good energy-saving. Indeed, LED light reduces energy consumption thanks to light intensity and RGB colours that are adjustable through a remote control. This means that if you wish to change the light tone, you can do it remotely.

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Prostep and Protect lines by Profilpas

Profilpas has been able to interpret the advantages of illuminated stairs by combining functionality with aesthetics, guaranteeing a great visual impact at the same time. How did we do? Thanks to Prolight, the line of light profiles for direct and indirect lighting where LED light technology combines with modern design. This collection includes Prostep and Protect, two lines of stair nosing profiles in anodised aluminium which have been designed to illuminate a step or a rise. Prostep is suitable for domestic spaces to create new perspectives thanks to light that softly spreads downwards; Protect, thanks to frontal light, is ideal for public spaces, thus making them comfortable and, at the same time, elegant.

The advantages of illuminated stairs - Prostep SGA/11L

Prostep SGA/11L

Among the different models, there is the new Prostep SGA/11L, a stair nosing profile in anodised aluminium with indirect lighting through LED strips. There is the possibility to adjust light intensity with a dimmer in order to meet each requirement both in private and public spaces.

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