Technical profiles

What is meant by technical profiles

Those which are often generally called technical profiles are the so-called expansion joints. They are essential in some situations, especially when you have to tackle the issue of dimensional stability of a floor, which may vary if the materials of which it is composed are subjected to temperature changes or to an intense passage.

Therefore during the laying of floors and coverings it is sometimes appropriate to consider the inclusion of expansion joints. The technical profiles in fact, absorb expansions and contractions, preventing the formation of fissures, cracks and lifting that may affect in a decisive way the quality and durability of the flooring.

But how do you choose the most appropriate expansion joint? When choosing it is best to consider three elements: the type of covering, temperature changes and the distance between the joints themselves. In general it is recommended to insert expansion joints for floors to delimit areas of 25-30 square metres indoors and 16 square metres outdoors.

Profilpas has designed a wide range of expansion joints for floors and joint covers, able to satisfy any request. The materials used are aluminum, both natural and anodized, stainless steel, brass and pvc.

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The technical profiles proposed by Profilpas

The two great families of technical profiles created by Profilpas are Projoint DIL and Procover.

Projoint DIL is a line of expansion joints suitable for laying ceramic flooring, usually more prone to expansion movements. The use of these elements is particularly suitable for large surfaces, in correspondence with the dividing joints in the screed, to attenuate the expansion and / or contraction of the flooring and to absorb vibrations.

Technical Profiles - Projoint DIL NZA 100

Projoint DIL NZA/100

Procover, however, is a complete range which comprises, structural technical profiles for coplanar floors; structural joint covers for coplanar floors, coverings and perimeters between flooring and coverings; joint covers for coplanar floors.

Technical Profiles - Procover GR 80 SF

Procover GR 80 SF

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