Stone, the perfect material for a refined and natural bathroom

Bathroom with stone walls

Natural stone is a material that, thanks to its characteristics, is suitable for design homes with an elegant and refined style. For this reason, one of the most interesting options is creating a bathroom with stone walls thanks to their aesthetic appearance and their functionality.

A bathroom with stone walls creates a classy effect that makes the most intimate room of the house a really special place. This material can be used in different ways depending on your personal taste. First of all, it is used for walls and floors because, thanks to its ability to breathe by nature, it is an absolutely wholesome material. Stone is also used for the finishing of bathtubs and sinks, perhaps by keeping the same style of the rest of the room in order to create a refined and, at the same time, homogeneous space.

In detail, the most appealing natural stones are “Lecce stone”, characterized by pleasant cream-colored veins, and slate with its beautiful black and grey veins. You can also combine them with many kinds of granite and fine marble. The main feature of natural stone is its raw state, a sort of imperfection that determines its beauty.

Bathroom with stone walls - Proangle Q ZQVN stone

Proangle Q ZQVN stone

Profilpas offers Trend Color Stone

How to give the most intimate room of the house a unique design? You can do it with Trend Color Stone, a line created by Profilpas that combines delicacy with elegance. Trend Color Stone profiles are characterized by new finishes with neutral but, at the same time, warm and soft colours that reproduce the heterogeneity of stone thanks to a realistic rough effect.

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The external corners profiles Proangle and Proangle Q are now available in the following finishes of colour-coated aluminium: anthracite grey, rust, ancient grey, beige, sand, greige, stone, grey, bronze and dark brown.

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