Glass Profile, stainless steel profiles for showers


Glass Profile, the Profilpas line of stainless steel profiles for floor-level showers

In a home, the bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most delicate elements from a design point of view. It is a place which demands extra care both in terms of space management and finish.

A recurring problem is the contrast that is often created between the design phase and that of implementation; this is a moment where a seemingly functional space, once put together with all the necessary elements, appears to be smaller.

A crucial point is, of course, the size of the space, which can often prove to be restrictive for those who need to plan and design it. This gave rise to a tendency towards simplification and designing minimal forms that soften the effect of “filling up” the space as much as possible.

In the wake of this trend, Profilpas has studied and designed a new system for the shower area: Glass Profile, a range of stainless steel profiles for shower boxes which allows floor-level shower trays to be installed.

Steel Profiles for Shower Enclosures - GPS1

Glass Profile – GPS 1

Characteristics of the floor shower profiles

With these floor-level shower profiles, you can install the shower tray on a flush surface, ensuring the proper slope to drain the water without filling up the space with other elements which overlay the floor. On an aesthetic level, a shower tray installed with same tile used for the flooring creates a pleasant continuity, and does not reduce the feeling of space perceived by the eye.

Steel Profiles for Shower Enclosures - GPS2

Glass Profile – GPS 2

These special complex section profiles delimit the shower area and, in some models, provide the option of directly holding the glass.

A floor-level shower tray with fixed glass, as well as being a highly-aesthetic design element, is very functional and suitable for any situation, including non-standard shower area measurements.

Profiles for Floor Shower Enclosures - GPS3

Glass Profile – GPS 3

The stainless steel profiles for shower boxes Glass Profile are available in different lengths of 98, 120, 148 and 200 cm and, thanks to the non-inclined section, they can be cut to the desired size, making it possible to offer a truly made-to-measure product. Currently available is the AISI 304 satin stainless steel version which provides excellent durability.

This system is accompanied by a complete line of shower drains made entirely of stainless steel, with a modern and highly-aesthetic design.

Profiles for Floor Shower Enclosures - GPS5

Glass Profile – GPS 5

From a practical point of view, the Glass Profile system allows you to create a barrier-free space.

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