Profilpas and the safety of its profiles

Profilpas has designed a line of stair nosing profiles following three basic rules: protection, finishing and safety.

Protect and Prostep are two lines of stair nosing profiles for public and private use. Although it is not compulsory for this kind of companies, Profilpas has undertaken a complicated path, i.e. adapting its products to the different kinds of floors where they are used.

What do we mean?

To give an example: a company that manufactures exterior floors must obtain a specific certification concerning the slipperiness (R10/R11) or for interior floors (R9). This is the reason why Profilpas has decided to adjust itself to these strict parameters in order to guarantee an high-quality product, which do not cause problems or do not contrast with the features of the floor or of the material where the profile is laid.

How did we succeed in this plan?

It has not been easy. Indeed, Profilpas has invested a large amount of resources and time to reach the fixed level of certification and quality. After many tests on the production, Profilpas has reached its goal and it is the only one that has succeeded in certifying these products as non-slip and in turning its profiles into operational and essential products in the design of a building or others.

With regard to legislation and certification approved by the EU, Profilpas exceeds the needed requisites, following the DIN 51131 with the laboratory test called BCRA. This method is useful to identify the slipperiness coefficient of friction and it defines the values (0,40) that indicates if it is pursuant to low or not.

Profilpas has always been careful about safety, both in private and public places, and it fully respects the requisites with the following products:

Stair Nosing Profiles - Prostep SIX SIS SMA

Prostep SIX – SIS – SMA

Stair Nosing Profiles - Prostep SP SA SB

Prostep SP – SA – SB

Stair Nosing Profiles - Protect 70 71 72

Protect 70 – 71 – 72

Stair Nosing Profiles - Protect 76 77 78

Protect 76 – 77 – 78

Stair Nosing Profiles - Protect 79 80 87

Protect 79 – 80 – 87

Profilpas believes in the future: although the market is becoming increasingly hard because of internationalization, the company continues to believe in the project for growth by making huge investments in production, products development and organization.

These small, but at the same time big, objectives – such as our certification of non-slip stair nosing profiles – let Profilpas approach customers more and more. Profilpas always pays the same attention: both if it deals with the young couple that is designing the new house and with the big architecture firm.

The principles that Profilpas follows and that have contributed to the company success in this market are: quality, innovation, competition, customer service, assortment, seriousness, respect for internal and external collaborators and profitability.

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