Skirting boards for terracotta floors

Are you looking for skirting boards for terracotta floors?

Skirting boards are finishing elements that are useful to cover the small gap between the floor and the wall. In this article we will discuss about the best way of choosing skirting boards for terracotta floors.

Finding the right skirting board is often not easy, especially if your floor is in terracotta. Thanks to its rustic look and its warm tones, this kind of covering gives the advantage of creating a pleasant atmosphere in the house but, at the same time, it is not so easy to manage.

A good terracotta floor embellishes every kind of house, provided that it is well inserted in the context and that matches the style of the furniture. For this reason, paying attention to the choice of the skirting board is necessary as it is a small detail that has important purposes: it covers the irregular connection between the floor and the wall, protects the lower part of the wall from shocks and abrasions and decorates the room.

How to choose a skirting board for a terracotta floor that has been already laid

If the terracotta floor is already present, finding a skirting board that is identical to the floor is really difficult, almost impossible. In these cases, we suggest to aim for a skirting board that fully contrasts with the floor and to choose one that is similar or identical to the doors tone.

If the windows fixtures and the doors are white, we suggest to use a white skirting board with the terracotta floor.

→ Discover here all the models of white skirting boards!

Some Profilpas models of white skirting boards are suitable for terracotta floors: for example, Metal Line 89, a skirting board with a squared, essential but non-invasive shape, in aluminium and with different finishes, for instance color-coated matt white aluminium.

Metal Line 90, in the same material, is characterized by a protruding flange that guarantees a perfect covering of the perimetral area and is available in different finishes, such as color-coated matt or polished white aluminum.

Skirting Boards for Terracotta Floors - Metal Line 90

Metal Line 90

Further skirting boards that are suitable for terracotta floors are PVC Line 8605 and 8608, both in foam PVC and covered by PDS film. PVC skirting boards are waterproof, do not contain formaldehyde and are resistant to shocks, wear-and-tear and UV. They are available in 35 colours, including white.

Skirting Boards for Terracotta Floors - PVC Line 8605

PVC Line 8605

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