Skirting boards for stairs and steps

Which are the skirting boards for stairs?

A well-finished home can be recognised in the details, even the smallest and most meticulous ones that only an eye keen for interior design can capture. These details also include the presence of skirting boards for stairs, an item that is often disregarded.

To give character and style to the rooms of your home, often all you need is a little extra care in choosing the more minute finishing touches. A staircase is not only the structure of connection between two floors, but it is – or can become – a real element of style and design, to be taken care of also in the choice of the skirting board.

To protect and decorate rooms, cover the connection between the walls and the floor: these are only some of the functions of the skirting board. In reality there are no specific skirting boards for steps: all models of Profilpas skirting boards are also suitable for stairs! Among all the skirting boards however, there is one that more than others lends itself to this type of use: the Metal Line 89 model in aluminium.

→ The Metal Line 89/4 skirting board was also selected for Japan’s Pavilion at the Expo!

Skirting board for stairs: Metal Line 89 of Profilpas

Metal Line 89 is indeed a line of skirting boards that stands out for its versatility and functionality, and especially for its inspiration to contemporary design. It consists of skirting boards made in aluminium available in different finishes: silver or titanium anodized aluminium, matt white, antique grey or rust lacquered aluminium or even titanium bright satin.

Skirting Boards for Steps - Metal Line 89

Metal Line 89 – Titanium Bright Satin Aluminium

Fixed to the wall using appropriate adhesive agents or dowels, besides having a decorative function, they guarantee excellent coverage in the perimeter area, a feature which also meets the need to hide the perimeter expansion gaps of floating floors. These skirting boards have a square, essential and non-invasive line; they are 4, 6 and 8 cm high and delineate space with discretion and elegance.

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