Skirting boards for plasterboard

Skirting boards for plasterboard walls

Plasterboard walls are a fast, economical, simple, and clean, perfect to separate premises into several spaces or to meet specific structural requirements. Plasterboard is a versatile material, which is increasingly for rapid and non-invasive remodelling of indoor spaces – be it a residential home or an office. Yet, even plasterboard walls require skirting boards. So today we will be talking about skirting for plasterboard walls!

Among the different types of skirting, those cut flush with the wall for plasterwork and plasterboard walls are among the best suited to any type of wall and material. In addition to ease of assembly, they have a flush-cut surface that prevents dust from settling on the edge of the skirting board and furniture can be placed directly against the wall, avoiding the classic issue of protruding skirting boards.

Skirting board models for plasterboard walls by Profilpas

Skirting board for plasterboard walls comes in different types and materials. With Metal Line 87/6 and 88/6, Profilpas proposes models cut flush with the wall, composed of two separate elements. The basic element is made of natural aluminum and is completed with a wood insert, available in different woods and finishes. The final optical effect is a skirting board integrated in the wall surface which outlines the perimeter of the room without limiting its boundaries. This skirting board is installed in two phases; the basic element installed while construction works are still in progress, and the second phase coincides with the laying of the floor, when the desired finishing strip of the skirting board is inserted.

The skriting board for plasterboard walls Metal Line 100 not only reflects the latest trends in interior design, but is also very easy to install: it is made of anodized aluminum and is available in two different heights, which can be applied directly to the wall using appropriate adhesives. Metal Line 101 is also ideal for plaster. It is made of anodized aluminum and is suitable for applications directly on the rough wall.

Skirting for Plasterboard - Metal Line 100

Metal Line 100

And last but not least, Metal Line 99 / C is made with a natural aluminum base and is equally easy to install, using adhesives or screws. Once placed, it is completed, thanks to an insert made of anodized aluminum or coated with plastic Alcrom® Plus. In the latter case, the assembly is also fast and easy, thanks to the use of Teflon dowels applied to the base support.

Ease, cleanliness, design, and innovation: these are the main characteristics of Profilpas skirting boards for plasterboard walls!

Skirting for Plasterboard - Metal Line 99C

Metal Line 99 / C

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