Skirting boards for laminate flooring: PVC Line 8608

The skirting board for laminate flooring

Laminate is a material often used for office floors and other spaces, thanks to the simple installation process and easy maintenance. If you decide to opt for laminate flooring, you must also choose a suitable baseboard or a skirting board for laminate flooring, conceived especially for this type of surface.

Laminate is not parquet, but it faithfully reproduces its characteristics, making the atmosphere of the room warm and cosy. But what exactly are the strengths of this material? Laminate is composed of a highly resistant protective film laid over a decorative sheet which imitates wood, in turn over a panel of resin and wood fibre with a backing which helps to maintain the stability of the product.

Skirting especially made for laminate flooring is the ideal choice, able to adapt perfectly to floor coverings of this type. Skirting boards for laminates are also suitable for DIY projects as they are easy to install and do not require any particular maintenance.

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PVC Line 8608: Profilpas skirting for laminates

Profilpas has come up with an innovative product, a skirting for laminate flooring. PVC Line 8608 it’s a skirting pvc foam, Film faced Alcrom® Plus.

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Available in 35 finishes, also customizable, and they can be fixed to the wall with a special clip, adhesive (PP 96) or a nail. This model has the characteristics of compactness and strength that are found in laminates of quality: it does not absorb water, does not contain formaldehyde and is resistant to impact, wear, UV and products normally used for cleaning floors and walls.

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