Skirting boards for kitchens

Profilpas skirting boards for kitchens

The kitchen is the house’s heart, the reign of conviviality and the daily meeting point where you spend pleasant moments with family and friends. Like all the other rooms, this place must conform to the needs of those who live in, regarding also details and finishes. This is also valid for the smallest details that are sometimes ignored but that often make the difference. If you are asking yourself which are the most suitable skirting boards for this environment, you are in the right place: today we are going to talk about Profilpas models that are also suitable for kitchens!

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The model of skirting board that better integrates itself in this room is Metal Line 90. These skirting boards are made of aluminium and are available in different finishes and heights that create an elegant and refined junction between the floor and the wall. The protruding flange assures a perfect covering of the perimetral area, thus satisfying the necessity of hiding the expansion gap of floating floors. Moreover, the presence of this flange makes the cleaning easier. These skirting boards are perfect for kitchens and, furthermore, can be easily and quickly laid through the use of proper adhesives.

Skirting Boards for Kitchens - Metal Line 90 White

Metal Line 90 – white colour-coated aluminium

The PVC version of skirting boards for kitchens

Profilpas has also designed another kind of skirting boards for kitchens, that are the PVC Line ones exactly made of PVC. The 8596/ and 8598/ are two models of foam PVC skirting boards, a material that has a strong resistance to shocks, humidity and UV. As all the other PVC skirting boards, they are easily washable.

The flange and the part that lays on the wall, in soft material, guarantee a perfect resistance even in the case of stands that are not perfectly linear and assure an easy and quick laying. Offered in different colours, they can be fixed with adhesive (PP/96).

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Skirting Boards for Kitchens - PVC Line 8598

PVC Line 8598

In the end, Profilpas skirting boards for kitchens are successful both for the aesthetic, being available in many different colours, and for functionality, as their shape facilitates the daily domestic cleaning.

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