Skirting boards for uneven and crooked walls

Skirting boards for irregular walls: how to solve a small structural defect

The walls of our home aren’t always perfectly smooth and straight. In some cases the presence of small imperfections or, so to say, waves makes it necessary to choose a special type of skirting board. In this post we will talk about skirting boards for irregular walls– a finishing element that is used in construction not only to complete and decorate the premises, but also plays a second role: it renders imperfections of the walls less visible.

Profilpas offers a line of skirting boards that are also suitable for crooked walls: for example, our model PVC Line 8608 which, thanks to its flexibility and installation using special clip, fits perfectly to the irregularities of each wall. Made of PVC foam, coated with Alcrom® Plus film, this product is available in 35 decorative finishes and is attached to the walls using specially designed clips with an adhesive strip or a tack. This product has unique characteristics in terms resistance to impact, wear, UV and the majority of products for the cleaning of floors and walls. PVC Line 8608 also does not absorb water and does not contain formaldehyde, a chemical harmful to humans.

How to customise the skirting boards for crooked walls

These skirting boards are also suitable for irregular or slightly ‘wavy’ walls. It allows for a broad scope of customisation, thus proving to be an ideal solution for all kinds of needs and tastes. Thanks to the innovative PDS system (Profilpas Digital System) you can make your baseboards absolutely unique. This digital printing system makes it possible not only to reproduce the wood grain of the floor, but also any other fantasy or design you want to portray on your skirting boards.

Skirting Boards for Crooked Walls - PVC Line 8608

PVC skirting board line coated using the PDS

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The technology used by Profilpas is based on the digital printing of a film that can be applied on profiles or skirting boards. It is an extremely precise and sophisticated procedure, able to mimic any type of decoration.

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