Skirting boards for hospitals and hospital facilities


Are there skirting boards for hospitals?

Skirting boards, in their traditional form, are forbidden in hospitals for hygiene reasons. Indeed, continuous PVC flooring or linoleum flooring with integral cove base are generally used in hospital facilities.

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Skirting boards for hospital facilities, therefore, are not actual skirting boards but rather “integrated” into PVC floorings, being this an ideal material for highly frequented places that have specific hygiene, antistatic and easy maintenance requirements. This type of flooring is also very resistent to scratches and it is non-slip: for these properties PVC is an ideal solution for hospitals and care homes, as it can guarantee the highest hygiene standards. In addition to this, it should be pointed out that this material can keep its impermeability unaltered without it needing to be polished. Besides PVC, hospital facilities often choose also linoleum floorings with integral cove base, a particular type of laying that makes skirting boards for hospitals a whole one with the flooring, thus facilitating any hygienisation operations.

PVC Line 148: the solution of Profilpas for hospital facilities

The skirting board model for hospital facilities proposed by Profilpas is PVC Line 148. It is a product conceived for PVC floorings and carpets consisting of two profiles: a rigid PVC base and a soft PVC clip. This skirting board is perfect for hospitals because, used as a connection cove base, once it has been laid and the cladding has been placed, it allows to form a rounded cove base. It also allows to refinish the flooring aesthetically and to cover the far ends of the cladding, thus covering also any cutting imperfections. As well as in hospital facilities, PVC Line 148 is an ideal solution also for community centres and schools.

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