Profilpas skirting boards for contractors

Skirting boards are also important for contractors

Skirting boards add a unique detail to the internal finish. Besides their aesthetic function, this item also solves many other problems, such as protecting the lower part of the wall, and avoiding the build-up of dust and dirt in corners. In addition this product completes and decorates spaces with a finishing edge, linking irregular joins between the wall and floor, therefore disguising the cut of the covering, and can be used in any of its variations to hide electrical cables. They can be found in a variety of materials, such as aluminium, wood and PVC, according to the customer’s needs and the interior being created.

Profilpas is investing resources to create a wide range of skirting boards in line with the requirements of the market and contractors.

Metal Line range

Firstly, the Metal line range stands out, not only for its flexibility and practicality, but above all for its contemporary design. It is an avant-garde line of skirting boards, available with different colourings, combinations and features that correspond to every type of building, small or large.

Metal Line provides various models of skirting boards in steel and aluminium that create a continuous profile connecting different rooms and styles and enriching the aesthetic and architectural content. Metal Line is available also in an I Design version, which forms part of the most prestigious Profilpas Design range, created using modern colours and a pleasant satin finish that transforms the skirting board into a customisable item that goes well with home furnishings.

Another perfect skirting board for contractors is the Metal Line and Prolight Metal Line 89 LED, created as result of Profilpas‘ continued investment in Research & Development: a skirting board in anodised aluminium with an LED lighting strip.

Using a diffuser the light is distributed along the whole length of the skirting board profile. The 89/6L skirting board can be combined with the normal 89/6 skirting board to create alternating lit and unlit areas.

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Skirting Boards for Contractors - Prolight Metal Line 89 LED

Prolight Metal Line 89 LED

The Iceberg Collection

Profilpas‘ ability to modernise itself is also perfectly reflected in another range of skirting boards, the Iceberg Collection with Prolight Iceberg, a skirting board in anodised aluminium featuring specific spots of light including lens and dissipater. The Iceberg Collection and its lighting skirting boards are especially suited to luxury homes, hotels, cinemas and museums, but also quite simply for those houses that boast long corridors.

This collection’s merits do not end here as the lighting skirting boards are also a unique solution to literally light up particularly important home furnishings, such as for example a painting, statue or design object, playing at the same time with the light, alternating between shade and beams of light.

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Skirting Boards for Contractors - Prolight Iceberg

Prolight Iceberg

PVC Line range

In recent years, there has been a large expansion in the use of LVT flooring as it is impact resistant, does not absorb water and resistant to humidity (unlike wood which expands), does not contain formaldehyde, is resistant to cleaning agents and fire retardant.

In addition, LVT flooring is around 4mm thick, in comparison with 7-8mm for common laminates, it can also be quickly laid thanks to the fastening clips and is less expensive than other materials.

In line with market trends, Profilpas has created the PVC Line range that, thanks to the simplicity of the clip mounting system and the properties of PVC, will perfectly match LVT flooring. This range has been improved further, using PDS (Profilpas Digital System) technology, a digital printing system with which Profilpas can create any decoration for the best profiles and skirting boards in line with the customer’s requirements.

Skirting Boards for Contractors - PVC Line

PVC Line

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The Alcrom Plus film, faithfully reproduces the design, colours and grains of the flooring being applied on profiles in aluminium and PVC skirting boards. All of the work, from scanning a piece of wood, or marble or ceramic coverings, to producing the film, then covering the profile, is carried out in-house at the Profilpas factory. Items 8605 ad 8608 are customisable PVC Line skirting boards with PDS technology available in 35 finishes. Both can be fixed to the wall with the specific fastening clip, adhesive (PP/96) or nails.

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