Skirting boards for camper vans

Skirting boards for camper vans: which features should they have?

Those who are keen on adventure trips with their camper vans know it very well: this vehicle, that is perfect for holidays and spare time, must be comfortable and functional as a house. Therefore, using beautiful and at the same time functional accessories is important to feel at home even on the favourite means of transport of campers. Between these accessories there are also skirting boards… but are there skirting boards for camper vans that are suitable for these kinds of spaces?

Laying a skirting board in a camper van means looking for a practical, resistant and easy-to-lay product that must be also resistant to humidity. Moreover, models intended for this usage must be characterized by lightness and thinness. In the actual market, looking for a product that has all these qualities is not so easy: the models that are usually proposed are design elements that are not so functional or they are difficult to lay.

Profilpas skirting boards for camper vans

If you are looking for a skirting board model that is suitable for the laying in a camper van, Profilpas offers some solutions that are ideal for this aim! A perfect item for a camper van is PVC Line 8600, a foam PVC skirting board that is particularly shock-resistant. The speed and the ease of installation make this line become perfect for the DIY laying. PVC Line 8600, available in different wood finishes and colours (red, blue, green, yellow and silver), can be fastened to the wall with adhesive (PP/96) or nail. It is waterproof and resistant to shocks, tear, UV and products usually used for the cleaning of floors and coverings.

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PVC Line 8596 and 8598 are also ideal as skirting boards for camper vans: the lower part and the part that lays on the wall, in soft material, favour a perfect cohesion even on surfaces that are not perfectly flat. Available in different colours, they are laid with adhesive (PP/96) and this make them perfect for DIY laying.

Skirting Boards for Camper Vans - PVC Line 8598

PVC Line 8598

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