Shining white colours and geometrical shapes: this is Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design

If you think about Scandinavia,  the spectacular northern lights and the colourful houses that overlooks the Baltic Sea come to mind. All this beauty can become the inspiring source for a sober, elegant and always welcoming furniture. How to do Scandinavian interior design? Here is a brief guide for bringing this Nordic philosophy inside the house.

White shades and wooden furniture

Choosing Scandinavian interior design means not only following a special kind of style, but also adopting a new concept of house and space. Indeed, this style is born in a place where the hours of light in winter are extremely reduced and, therefore, it is necessary to choose light, reflective and luminous tones for the surfaces of the house. For this reason, there is no limit on the use of white, both pure and in all its shades, for the walls, finishes, bathroom tiles, kitchens and floors.

The main material used in Scandinavian style is wood, especially oak, walnut, larch, ash and the ever-present birch. Wood is an essential element thanks to its versatility, warm design and green vocation, and is perfect for tables, chairs, wardrobes, windows, as well as parquet floors and wall coverings.

Scandinavian interior design

Another thing to be kept in mind is that the Scandinavians has an uncontrolled passion for geometry: linear and essential details are inevitable and perfectly match the rigor of geometrical shapes and blocks of colour. Lovers of contrasts, such as black and white, the Scandinavians like to integrate the square and clean lines with the sweeter and more rounded ones.

Scandinavian interior design

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Scandinavian interior design - PVC Line 8612

PVC Line 8612

PVC Line 8612 skirting boards

Lighting up white colour in all its beauty – one of the cornerstones of Nordic style – is a mission that Profilpas has actualized with the creation of unique skirting boards such as PVC Line 8612.

This is a line of foam PVC skirting boards covered with white Alcrom® Plus film, suitable for both ceramic and LVT floors, that can be fixed to the wall through the specific adhesive (PP/96). Therefore, this is a perfect element for those who choose Scandinavian interior design.

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