PVC profiles: all Profilpas models


The advantages of PVC profiles

Resistant to shocks, humidity and UV, easy to clean and non-toxic: these are just some of the reasons to choose a PVC profile, an high-quality product that can be easily applied both in the most refined spaces and in the places exposed to low temperatures.

There are many kinds of PVC profiles offered by Profilpas. Let’s discover all the models and the numerous variants.

PVC profiles: all Profilpas models

The overview of all the models of PVC profiles offered by Profilpas starts with Protrim RPA/, a line of profiles with rounded shape designed to seal and protect the external corners of tile coverings, thus avoiding the unsightly and fragile cut at 45°. Protrim RPA/ is in coextruded PVC and is available in different finishes. Thanks to the specific section with plastic PVC inserts, it can absorb the micro-movements that affect the corner as a result of the tensions of bathroom walls. Protrim is also available in the versions RE/, in 24 different colours; REL in super-polished PVC, REM/ in marbled PVC; REC/ and RECO/PV in Ecoline PVC in different marbled colours.

Proangle Q line, in the PVC version, has the same sealing and protection purpose. If you want a bit of colour, the PVC profile Procorner P is ideal. It is in soft PVC and is available in white, yellow, red and blue. These protection profiles for accident prevention are characterized by bright colours in order to visibly highlight the covering edges. For this reason, they are particularly suitable for schools and kindergartens. Procorner M 8610 and 8611 are also in PVC.

PVC Profiles - Procorner P

Procorner P

PVC Profiles - Procorner M

Procorner M

There is also the group of connection profiles, that connect the floor and the wall. Proround P profiles are in non-toxic and shock-proof PVC. This kind of PVC profile allows to respect the current requisites for hygienic maintenance imposed by European standards: indeed, they allow the elimination of the 90 degrees corner in order to avoid the deposit of dirt and, therefore, the formation of bacteria, by creating a curvature that facilitates the cleaning.

Then, there is Proint line, ideal as perimetral connection between the tile covering and the floor or as perimetral joint between coverings and kitchen tops. Proint, in the coextruded PVC version, allows to avoid the use of sealant, thus guaranteeing both the aesthetic benefit and the right hygienic level over time. The particular section of Proint well connects the angular connection between the covering and the floor, thus guaranteeing the angular expansion between the two surfaces.

PVC Profiles - Proint


Proround B is a line of perimetral connection profiles specifically designed for the installation on surfaces that are already laid through the use of proper adhesives. They are suitable for those places where an high hygienic level is required, for example in refrigerating rooms. The version in PVC is also available in white.

Sanibord is a line of technical profiles in colour-coated aluminium and PVC, specifically suitable for the connection between tile coverings and bathroom fixtures or between tile coverings and worktops. This kind of PVC profiles allows to avoid the use of sealant.

Lastly, Protect 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157 and 158 are PVC profiles that are recommended for the protection of steps edges in ceramic, marble, wood, PVC, linoleum, carpet or LVT.

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