PVC profiles for stairs

PVC profiles for stairs: stair nosing profiles between finishing and protection

PVC profiles for stairs are a very important and functional detail in public spaces and sometimes also in private ones.

The stair nosing profiles in PVC are a perfect solution to protect the stairs efficiently, thus assuring protection, finishing and safety. Profilpas offers Protect and Prostep, two lines of stair nosing profiles that are suitable both for public spaces and for private ones and that includes different models in PVC.

Protect line includes some stair nosing profiles in PVC, such as Protect 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157 and 158, that can be installed during or after the laying and are suggested for the protection of the edges of steps in ceramic, marble, wood, PVC, lino, carpet or LVT.

PVC profiles for stairs - SP_10


Similarly, Prostep line includes three models of stair nosing profiles in PVC, Prostep SP, SA and SB, with fastening base in aluminium. They can be exclusively installed during the laying of the covering and are perfect for the protection of steps in ceramic, terracotta or stone. Moreover, the striped inserts in PVC are pursuant to the standard DIN 51131 concerning non-slip steps.

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PVC profiles for stairs: PVC Line skirting boards

In addition to the stair nosing profiles in PVC, Profilpas also offers other PVC profiles for stairs, such as the skirting boards PVC Line 8605 and 8608, both of them covered by PDS film. Respectively available in 73 and 35 decors, they are further customizable with a minimum order of 500 meters. PVC Line 8602, 8603 and 8607 are suitable for the DIY thanks to the interlocking system through fastening clip.

PVC profiles for stairs - 8603


PVC Line 8600, 8610 and 8611 are also extremely easy to install and, therefore, suitable for the DIY thanks to the fastening with adhesive. PVC Line 8596 and 8592 with coved shape and upper part in soft material guarantee a perfect adhesion even on surfaces that are not perfectly flat.

Thanks to their material, all these models are waterproof and resistant to shocks, wear, UV rays and products for cleaning.

For those who have a carpet or PVC covering, Profilpas offers PVC Line 148, composed of two profiles: a base in rigid PVC and a clip in soft PVC. It is designed to hide possible cutting imprecisions and is recommended for public places such as hospitals and schools.

PVC profiles for stairs - 8600


PVC Line 170, 69 and 171 are also suitable for the carpets and PVC coverings and allow to even out the curve between the floor and the covering.

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