Pvc floor profiles

Pvc floors: features and advantages

Choosing a pvc floor means opting for a hard-wearing floor that is easy to install. Perfect for heavy use, excellent resistance to continuous wear – withstands heavy loads. Types of surfaces for which Profilpas has created the new profiles for pvc floors– which we want to tell you about today!

But what do we mean when we talk about pvc? Pvc is a material derived from vinyl chloride with added plastics to give it lots of elasticity. It is a very versatile product available in endless colours and shades, ranging from light and muted tones to eye-catching colours, with dotted or marbled designs.

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Why choose this material? For its technical and practical qualities, first of all. A pvc floor is part of the large class of resilient floorings; in other words, floorings that when stressed deform and then regain their original shape: it follows that flexibility and strength are two of its principal qualities. PVC also has the advantage of dampening sound waves from the exterior, muffling noise in the interior, and absorbing footsteps completely. Anti Slip and antistatic, this material is characterized by being easy to clean and is compatible with most detergent products. Lastly, a pvc floor can take on every kind of look – suiting the most varied client requirements.

The profiles for pvc floors by Profilpas

PVC Floor Profiles - L4

Eurosystem Thin – L4

Profilpas has created a new line of pvc floor profiles, specially for this type of surface. Eurosystem Thin is a line of profiles for small gaps with floor’s thickness from 4 to 6.5 millimetres. Thanks to their larger dimensions the new top models JN/4 and LN/4 allow floating floors to dilate and contract more. Silver anodized aluminium products are available on request with customized coating Alcrom® Plus.

Unisystem Thin, on the other hand, is a new line of profiles for small gaps with floor’s thickness from 2.5 to 6.5 millimetres. The system is designed with a single top profile for floors with an even level and to compensate for unevenness. Within this line, the model Z7, a silver anodized aluminium product, is available on request with Alcrom® Plus customized coating.

PVC Floor Profiles - LVT Z7

Unisystem Thin Z7 for even-levelled floors


PVC Floor Profiles for Small Gaps - LVT Z7

Unisystem Thin Z7 for floors with different levels

The pvc floor profiles are an ideal product for making a surface made of this material even more attractive.

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