Prolight: the new luminous Profilpas profiles

Prolight, the newly created family of illuminated profiles from Profilpas

The illuminated profiles Prolight line is one of the latest arrivals to Profilpas! Technology and aesthetics are at the foundations of these products, with the ability to transform light into a real furnishing element.

The Prolight family includes two lines of illuminated skirting boards, the Iceberg Collection and the Prolight Metal Line and the Cerfix Prostep LED, a line of illuminated nosing profiles in anodized aluminum with LED strips.

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Prolight Metal Line

Prolight Metal Line

The Prolight Metal Line line of illuminated skirting boards differs from the Iceberg Collection for a few specific features: the LED skirting boards in the Iceberg Collection are characterised by vertical light points oriented upwards, as well as horizontal light points, designed to enhance the effect of glossy surfaces and irregular reflections on floor surfaces. So, while skirting boards in the Iceberg Collection line only produce light beams in particular points, creating an interesting play of light designed to emphasise a picture or a particular place on the wall, Prolight Metal Line presents a horizontal strip of LEDs along the entire length of the skirting board which, for example at night, is designed to illuminate a path without having to resort to turning on a light switch. Both models provide the possibility to adjust the light intensity of the skirting boards.

Finally Cerfix Prostep LED is a line of luminous stair nosing profiles which, thanks to the presence of LED lights, illuminate each step and give the whole environment a very modern style.

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