Profilpas stair nosing profiles at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa of Dubai

Profilpas stair nosing profiles used at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa of Dubai

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa is a tourist resort located on the coast of Pearl Jumeirah, a little peninsula in front of Jumeirah beach in Dubai, that will be opened and inaugurated this summer.

This elegant and modern resort will include not only rooms and suites but also luxurious villas with all the possible comforts. Moreover, every accommodation will give you the possibility to enjoy wonderful views of the Arabian Gulf or of the Dubai skyline.

Profilpas profiles have been used here! Indeed, our stair nosing profiles Protect 80/F have been provided for Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai.

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Profilpas stair nosing profiles between functionality and safety

Protect 80/F is one of the versions of stair nosing profiles that Profilpas offers. These profiles are in anodised aluminium with replaceable non-slip roll Safety Walk™ insert. They are suitable for the protection, definition and/or finishing of ceramic, marble, wood or carpet steps corners already laid.

Profilpas stair nosing profiles 80 F

Protect 80/F

Protect stair nosing profiles are specifically recommended for those surfaces that are particularly slippery and are suitable for public places that have to adapt to standards.

Depending on the model, they are available in different materials and finishes, with smooth surface, knurl or with non-slip rubber insert that is replaceable in case of wear.

Furthermore, most of these profiles follows the required European standard DIN 51131 with the laboratory test called BCRA.

This method is useful to identify the slipperiness coefficient of friction and it defines the values (0,40) that indicates if it is pursuant to standards or not. This testifies how much our stair nosing profiles are not only highly functional for the protection and finishing of corners but also useful for the safety of public and private places.

In addition to Protect profiles, Profilpas offers the Prostep line. These profiles have to be installed during the laying of steps in ceramic, marble, stone, wood etc.

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