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Since 1976, Profilpas produces metal and PVC profiles for the laying of floors and walls with ceramic, marble, carpet, parquet and laminate materials.

Thanks to the quality of its products, wide range of profiles, and exclusive technical and aesthetical solutions, Profilpas has become the Italian leader in its field and one of the main manufacturers of covering and flooring profiles and skirting boards in Europe.

Profilpas Spa

The story of Profilpas starts in 1976. The name Profilpas means “Profiles Pasquali”, the surname of the company’s founder, Franco Pasquali. The first products were profiles for carpets and the first site was a 200 sqm warehouse in Vigodarzere (Padua). Later on, production was extended to all types of profiles for cladding and tiles.

In the early eighties, the company made its first significant investments in production technologies, some of which allowed the market introduction of disruptive innovations such as self-adhesive profiles, profiles manufactured on a rollforming line, and bendable profiles. In 1984, Profilpas becomes the undisputed profile market leader.

In 1986, Profilpas moved to new 1,000 sqm premises in Cadoneghe, Padova and further expands the product range: Cerfix®, the first profile models for ceramic were produced and patented Profinish with spacers and the Klic® line were introduced. Furthermore, Profilpas introduced retailing exhibition solutions and strengthened its presence abroad, initiating a fruitful collaboration with the first French and Swiss distributors.

In 1992, the company starts its internationalisation process with the foundation of Profilpas France and the completion in 1996 of the new headquarters in Cadoneghe.  Furthermore, Profilpas Germania was established in 1999, Profilpas Portogallo in 2000, Profilpas Spain in 2001 and Profilpas Ceca in 2004.

Also in 2004, the Cadoneghe site sees the opening of a new production line for PVC profiles and Profilpas Adria was established in 2005.

From 2006 to 2010, the product range was further enlarged and currently includes over 6000 items. Profilpas Poland is born and Moscow’s warehouse opens for direct distribution on the Russian market. At this point, international sales exceed 50% of turnover and Profilpas Spa regularly exports to over 60 countries.

From 2010 to 2013, it was presented PDS (Profilpas Digital System), the innovative technology that allows producing any decoration for profiles and skirting boards; the new headquarters for Profilpas France were built and opened and Profilpas Russia was established. 

Profilpas Polska also moved to a newly-built headquarters at Kutno, Poland: An impressive 8,000 m2 facility on a ​​45,000 m2 area.
Profilpas Polska started its production activity and new coated skirting boards Alcrom® Plus featuring PDS technology were introduced.