Profilpas profiles for StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods

StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods

StercheleGroup®  is the result of the synergy between two companies of Vicenza, in the north-east of Italy: Sterchele Spa and S.D. Srl. The first is European leader in the manufacturing of prefabricated Bathroom Pods and supplier of building materials and ceramic, while the second one is leader in the development and production of PREM Beams.

The prefabricated Bathroom Pods of StercheleGroup® are real custom-made “packages” that are supplied “turnkey”, in monolithic concrete or in lightweight steel panels. Installed in diverse places, such as residences, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and many others, the Bathroom Pods are complete of bathroom fixtures, furniture, coverings and finishes. Indeed, StercheleGroup® also pays serious attention to the smallest details, such as finishes, in order to guarantee quality and functionality. Indeed, Profilpas profiles have been used to finish these structures several times.

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StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods

StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods

The Profilpas profiles used in the StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods

Many people may not know how much important finishing profiles are to define the quality and the functionality of spaces. Beyond the aesthetic effect, profiles have also and especially a technical role, since they can be used as closing, connection or protection elements for floors and coverings.

For its Bathroom Pods, StercheleGroup® gives a serious attention to the thresholds finishing, a particularly delicate point that needs protection in order to avoid damages, and to the finishing of external corners of showers and vertical walls in general in order to avoid the fragile and unsightly cut at 45° of ceramic tiles and to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of corners. Profilpas meets these needs with its profiles for external corners Cerfix® Proangle. These profiles have multiple purposes and can be installed both on thresholds and on vertical walls.

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Profilpas Profiles Used for StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods

Profiles used for StercheleGroup® Bathroom Pods

The profiles for external corners Cerfix® Proangle

Proangle is a line of profiles for the sealing and the protection of the external corners of ceramic coverings and for the finishing of floors in ceramic, marble, granite, wood and other materials. It is also suitable as separation joint and decoration between floors of different materials (for example between a ceramic floor and a wood floor or a carpet), as finishing and protection profile for stair corners, platforms and worktops and, lastly, as perimetral profile to delimit doormats.

With its square shape, Proangle profiles are available in different materials according to the different aesthetic and functional needs: in aluminium, in antibacterial colour-coated aluminium (certified according to the test JIS Z 2801:2000) that allows to reduce the presence of the most dangerous bacteria up until 99% thus assuring the best hygienic level over time, in stainless steel, brass and, lastly, in PVC. Different colours and finishes are available thus giving the possibility to create refined and pleasant combinations or contrasts with the most diverse coverings.

Cerfix Proangle AI/10 Stainless Steel AISI 304 - DIN 1.4301

Cerfix Proangle AI/10 stainless steel AISI 304 – DIN 1.4301

Cerfix Proangle ZB/8 Bright Polished Silver Aluminium

Cerfix Proangle ZB/8 bright polished silver aluminium

Cerfix Proangle PV/8 Beige Grey PVC

Cerfix Proangle PV/8 beige grey PVC

In this article written by StercheleGroup® team, you will also find out Proangle laying procedures on the thresholds of their Bathroom Pods and other interesting information about profiles!

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