Profilpas Products

The wide Profilpas product portfolio includes:

  • Flooring profiles;
  • Sanitary-ware profiles;
  • Skirting boards
  • Decorative listellos
  • Movement joints and joint coverings
  • Accessories for installation

Flooring profiles are mainly divided into profiles for floors of same height and profiles for floors of different height, to which we must add profiles for wooden and laminate floors and bendable profiles.
Profiles in the first category above are specifically designed to finish, close, protect and decorate the laying of coplanar floors made of ceramic, marble, granite, wood or other materials. This type of profiles is also ideal as a separation and decoration joint between floors made of different materials such as, for example, ceramic and parquet or carpet; or as a finishing and protection profile for step edges, footrests and work surfaces, as well as an edge profile for holding doormats.

Profiles for Floors of Same Height

On the other hand, profiles for floors of different height are terminals made of different materials, the inclined section of which allows connecting floors of different height and equal of different nature during laying. Their use allows the elimination of the step caused by the different thickness of floors.
For wood and laminate floorings, Profilpas also produces professional profiles for floating installation of such floor types, which allow for the necessary expansion.

Profiles for Floors of Different Height

Finally, bendable profiles prove ideal when following the curvilinear floor shape is required.

Bendable Profiles

Profilpas also produces sanitary-ware profiles in colour-coated aluminium and PVC. Suitable as connectors between ceramic tiles and sanitary-ware or coverings and work plans, they serve the all-important protection and hygienic maintenance functions. Sanitary-ware profiles allow silicone-free sealing and, besides their aesthetically pleasing appearance, ensure the maintenance of a high hygiene level over time.

Sanitary Ware Profiles

Stainless steel, aluminium, wood and PVC skirting boards allow a broad variety of combinations and colours, which makes them suitable to meet all living requirements for both small spaces and large congregational areas.

Skirting Boards

Would you like give a personal touch to your home? If so, Profilpas offers a line of decorative listellos designed in different materials and colour finishes to create refined and attractive aesthetic effects on ceramic coverings.

Decorative Listellos

Profilpas also produces profiles for external and internal corners: The former are specifically designed to close and protect the edges of ceramic coverings, avoiding the unsightly and fragile 45 ° cut, while the latter serve as edge connectors between the wall and floor, ideal for installation in environments with stringent hygienic requirements, such as hospitals, food industries, swimming pools, spas and industrial kitchens.

External Corners Profiles

Internal Corners Profiles

Finally, Profilpas also produces accessories for installation to help the optimal laying on floors or walls.

Accessories for Installation

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