Profilpas profiles for Zucchi Hospital of Monza

Zucchi private Hospital of Monza

Zucchi private hospital of Monza, denominated in this way since 2004 and included in the non-profit organization GSD (Gruppo San Donato) group since 2002, has its origins in the 17th century as ancient paternal residence of the aristocrat Bartolomeo Zucchi. Born as public school for young people thanks to the Jesuits, at the end of 1800 it became a private hospital for women and now it covers many other specializations. Zucchi private hospitals include the hospital units of Monza, Carate Brianza and the health center of Brugherio.

The first floor of the unit of Monza has been recently refurbished and, exactly for this occasion, Profilpas profiles have been chosen for some recovery wards and the relative bathrooms.

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The Profilpas connection profiles chosen for the refurbishment

A hospital has the need to guarantee the best hygiene level in order to follow the current hygiene standards and to assure their patients of a safe and healthy place. Profilpas connection profiles can exactly satisfy this need and, for this reason, they have been provided for the hospital refurbishment.

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Connection Profiles for Hospitals and Kitchens

onnection profiles between the floor and the wall

The internal corners profiles Proround M are ideal to meet this need. They are connection profiles between the floor and the wall, specifically designed to cover the 90° edge and to guarantee the hygienic safeguard required by European standards.

Thanks to their curvature, these profiles facilitate the cleaning thus avoiding the deposit of dirt and, therefore, the creation of possible sources of bacteria. The article used for the renovation of the hospital’s first floor is Proround M GIN/, a connection profile in polished stainless steel AISI 304 DIN 1.4301. This material is highly resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents and, for this reason, these profiles can be also used in external places; moreover, its smooth and non-porous surface makes it an inhospitable place for bacteria and other micro-organisms. This profile is also available in the stainless steel AISI 316 DIN 1.4404 version, a material that is more resistant to corrosion and, therefore, recommended for those places that are subject to strong chemical attacks and maritime areas.

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Connection Profiles - Proround M GIN/10 in Stainless Steel AISI 304 DIN 1.4301

Connection profile – Proround M GIN/10 in stainless steel AISI 304 DIN 1.4301

Proround M GIN/ has been designed for those floors and walls that have not been laid yet and can be completed by accessories such as internal GTIN/I, outside GTIN/E and triaxial GTIN/T corners, junctions GTIN/G and end caps GTIN/C of the same material. Some of these items have been used for the Zucchi Hospital of Monza.

Accessories in Stainless Steel for Proround M GIN

Accesories in stainless steel for Proround M GIN/


The range of connection profiles also includes profiles in aluminium and PVC, some of them can be applied on floors and walls that are already laid, in order to satisfy every need.

The Profilpas profiles for external corners chosen for the refurbishment

In addition to connection profiles, the external corners profiles Proangle Q ZQIN/ in stainless steel AISI 304 DIN 1.4301 have also been used.

External Corners Profiles - Proangle Q ZQIN/100

External Corners Profiles – Proangle Q ZQIN/100

Proangle Q is a line of universal profiles specifically designed to seal and protect the external corners of ceramic coverings, thus avoiding the unsightly and fragile 45° cut. Proangle Q can be also used for the protection of steps’ corners and wood, stone and resin floors.

Outside corners, internal corners and end caps are also available to complete the line.

Internal and External Corners Profiles and Caps - Proangle Q ZQIN_100+ZQIN_100_EI

Internal and external corner profiles and caps – Proangle Q ZQIN/100+ZQIN/100/EI

Furthermore, besides stainless steel (also available in the version AISI 316 DIN 1.4404), Proangle Q is also offered in aluminium, brass and PVC.

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