Profilpas skirting boards selected for UnipolSai Assicurazioni in Padua

Profilpas skirting boards have been selected for the refurbishment of one of the branches of UnipolSai Assicurazioni in Padua

UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A. is a multi-business insurance company which is part of the Unipol Group. It is Italian leader in the Non-Life business, especially in the vehicle liability insurance, and is also strongly operational in the life insurance business. This company, with more than 10 million customers, occupies an absolutely leading position in the Italian ranking of insurance groups registering a direct insurance income.

This prestigious company is currently renovating one of its branches in Padua, and, for the floor finishing, it has considered and, later, selected Profilpas skirting boards: products that perfectly match with the material they chose for the flooring.

The PVC Line 8600 skirting boards

PVC Line 8600

Skirting Boards PVC Line 8600

The PVC Line 8600 is the skirting board that has been selected by UnipolSai Assicurazioni and will be used for the refurbishment of one of its branches in Padua.

The PVC Line 8600 is a line of foam PVC skirting boards that are shock-resistant. It is available in different colours, from solid colours to wood finishes, in order to satisfy every wish of combination with different kinds of floors. The special printing technology used by Profilpas allows to create wood decorations that accurately reproduce the real features of wood.

Not only do these skirting boards have decorative purposes, but they also fully satisfy the technical requirements as they allow to hide the perimeter expansion gap of floating floors.

The material used to produce these skirting boards is unleaded PVC, mixture eco-friendly with Ca-Zn salts. Furthermore, following the current regulations, the material is non-flammable.

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Foam PVC Skirting Boards - Colours and Finishes

Foam PVC skirting boards – colours and finishes

With regard to the maintenance, these products are easily washable and they are water-, shock- and UV-resistant. For these reasons, the PVC skirting boards are perfect for public places such as schools, gyms and hospitals. They are also humidity-resistant, and, for this reason, they can be used in places such as garages, terraces and cellars.

The PVC Line 8600 skirting board is particularly suitable for DIY installation, thanks to the speed and simplicity of application. This product has to be laid with a specific adhesive (PP/96).

The PVC Line 8610 and 8611 edge protectors

To complete the range, Profilpas offers the PVC Line 8610 and 8611 edge protectors: the former 24×24 and the latter 30×30. They are very useful not only to finish the edges, but also to protect them from shocks. These products have the same features of the PVC Line 8600 skirting boards and they are available in the same colours in order to create uniform matches.

PVC Line 8610 Edge Protectors

PVC Line 8610 edge protectors

PVC Line 8610 and 8611 Edge Protectors

PVC Line 8610 and 8611 edge protectors

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