Profilpas for the Vertical Forest project in Milan

Nearing completion, the two towers of the complex are called the Vertical Forest in Milan: two skyscrapers that are part of the project Redeveloping the Island that aims to bring back beauty to the historic Island area in Milan, the area of the city between via De Castillia and via Confalonieri, near viale Gioia.

The Vertical Forest in Milan includes two towers (referred to as E and D), one measuring 111.5 metres high (24 floors expected) and the other at 78 metres high (with 17 floors). The peculiarity of the Vertical Forest in Milan lies in the fact that at the various levels 900 different shrubs were planted with the goal of colouring a city green, in a city where this colour is not sufficiently widespread and to produce oxygen where usually only smog from cars and heating systems is produced.

The complex of the Vertical Forest in Milan, designed by Studio Boeri and in particular by Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra, began in late 2009. To date the external works have been concluded while they are commencing on the installations and interiors.

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For the apartments’ bathrooms low thickness tiles made by Lea Ceramiche and Cotto d’Este were selected and will be assembled with the Profilpas ZQTM/45 profiles, ideal for protecting and decorating the outer corners of the ceramic cladding in order to avoid the unsightly and fragile 45 degree cut tile edge.

The square shape of this profile allows a precise definition of space and ensures its linearity with particular elegance thanks to the finish in anodized aluminium or brushed titanium. High quality workmanship with quality materials such as Profilpas profiles which, available in various colours, are well suited to such ambitious projects like the Vertical Forest in Milan.

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