Profilpas profiles for a residential project in Turkey

The Sinpaş Köyceğiz project in Istanbul, Turkey

In 2014, the residential project Sinpaş Köyceğiz has been launched in the area of Sancaktepe, the east side of the city of Istanbul in Turkey. Köyceğiz is a coastal town in the south of Turkey, and the project has been called in this way exactly for the intention to reproduce a typical maritime holiday-town.

Built around a natural lagoon, this residential complex occupies 26.000 square meters and includes 291 flats. The main purpose of this projects goes beyond the simple creation of a residential complex: indeed, it aims to reproduce the sensation of nature and peace that can barely exist in the chaotic city of Istanbul. Indeed, there are ecological bazaars, natural orchards and a little river with flowing water.

Sinpaş Köyceğiz Project
The Profilpas profiles used for the residential complex

The technical profiles Sanibord BP/25 have been used for the finishing of the flats of this residential complex.

Technical Profile - Sanibord BP/25

Sanibord BP/25

Sanibord is a line of technical profiles in color-coated aluminium or coextruded PVC that are particularly suitable as connection between ceramic coverings and bathroom fixtures or coverings and worktops. These profiles allow to avoid the use of silicone for sealing, and, besides creating a pleasant aesthetic effect, they guarantee an appropriate hygienic level over time.

Profilpas offers models for every kind of situation: B/20 and BP/20 are particularly suitable for the installation between coverings and bathroom fixtures or coverings and worktops that are already laid. Conversely, BP/22 is suitable when the laying of coverings and tubs or bathroom fixtures is made simultaneously; and BP/25 is suggested for the installation of tubs or bathroom fixtures alongside coverings that are already laid.

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Profilpas has recently introduced BH/20, a connection profile between ceramic coverings and bathroom fixtures. This item adds the certified antibacterial technology (according to the strict test internationally recognized JIS Z 2801:2000) that allows to reduce the presence of the most dangerous bacteria until 99%, thus assuring the best hygienic level over time.

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