Profilpas used in the refurbishment of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

The refurbishment of the San Raffaele Hospital

The IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital forms part of a clinical-research university of international importance and is highly specialised in treating several major diseases. It opened in 1971 and was recognised in 1972 becoming known as the Institute for Scientific Hospital Care and Treatment (IRCCS).

Currently the building is undergoing extensive modernisation and in particular all the wards are undergoing refurbishment.

The flooring edging seals Cerfix Proround M item GIN/12 in the Profilpas range were selected for the renovation of bathrooms in this cutting edge health facility.

Refurbishment of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan

Floor edging seals by Profilpas were chosen in the refurbishment

Proround M is a line of steel floor edge seals suitable for sealing between floor and wall, ideal for use situations where stringent hygiene is required (e.g. in doctors’ surgeries, food productions plants, swimming pools, spas, industrial kitchens, hospitals etc.).

Current sanitation maintenance requirements required by European Standards require the elimination of the 90° angle between floor and wall in order to avoid dirt accumulation and the formation of pockets of bacteria. Creating a curvature facilitates thorough cleaning. In particular, the AISI 316 DIN 1.4404 quality option has features such as superior corrosion resistance and is therefore recommended for applications in areas subject to greater chemical attack and to those in coastal locations. Models with a single lug anchor are designed for use as connectors between floors and walls with different thicknesses.

→ Cerfix Proround Floor Edge Seals were also chosen in the renovation of the Residential Nursing Home (RSA) Eugenio Gruppioni

Cerfix Proround M GIN_12 ProfilesIts particular wing section allows the connection of a floor from 12.5 mm to a wallcovering of any thickness.

This line comes with a series of accessories (internal corners, external, junctions, terminals and triaxials) in 6/10 stainless steel which make joining the seals easier during installation.

ILN Probord, however, is a protection seal designed for exterior corners of ceramic wallcoverings together with GIN/12.


Consult the Cerfix Proround M – P data sheet here

This stainless steel seal was chosen as it has excellent resistance to most chemical agents and weathering, to lime and mortar, as well as to tile adhesives and cleaning products. This type of coving was chosen by the client, not only to facilitate daily cleaning operations in compliance with the regulations, but also as connecting element between the ceramic flooring and the skirting board.

Profiles GIN10 + ILN10 Stainless Steel AISI 304 DIN 1.4301

GIN/10 + ILN/10 stainless steel AISI 304 DIN 1.4301

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