Profilpas for the new multiplex cinema of the shopping centre La Torre in Palermo

Profilpas Metal Line skirting boards used for the multiplex

The shopping centre La Torre in Palermo, that faces the old tower Ingastone, is placed in one of the most populated residential districts of the city. Candidate for being a reference point both for the inhabitants and for tourists, this shopping centre combines shopping with spare time, architecture with urban landscape and environment.

The inauguration of the new multiplex of the shopping centre La Torre is expected within the beginning of the new year: 3000 square meters and 6 rooms, for a total of 2000 seats. On this occasion, Profilpas has provided its products: indeed, our Metal Line skirting boards have been used for the rooms finishing.

Metal Line 89/ skirting boards

Metal Line skirting boards, in aluminium and stainless steel, distinguishes themselves for their versatility and functionality, but especially for their inspiration from contemporary design.

The skirting board used for the rooms finishing of the new multiplex of the shopping centre is Metal Line 89/6 in silver anodised aluminium. This skirting board is characterized by a square shape, essential but non-invasive, that outlines the space with discretion and elegance. Besides having a decorative role, this skirting board guarantees a perfect covering of the perimetral area, thus satisfying the need of hiding the perimetral expansion gap of floating floors. Metal Line 89/ is available both in height 4 cm and 6 cm, with a thickness of 10 mm. Moreover, it is available in aluminium, in the finishing silver and titanium anodised, matt white colour-coated, ancient grey and rust colour-coated and bright satin titanium.

Skirting Board Metal Line 89/4

Metal Line 89/4

For the multiplex, Profilpas has also provided the corners 89/ EI. Indeed, special components are available for the creation of connections, with the purpose of internal corners, outside corners and end caps.

Metal Line Corners 89/6

Metal Line Corners 89/6

Metal Line 89/ is a skirting board that can be easily and rapidly installed, through the use of proper adhesives (PP/86) or nylon dowels.

Functionality and design with Metal Line 89/

The Metal Line 89/ skirting board, besides being extremely functional, is a real design element. Indeed, the same model is included in the range Profilpas Design – I Design: in this case, the skirting board 89/ is offered with modern colours and a pleasant satin finishing, thus becoming an item of personalization integrated with the furniture.

Profilpas Design I-Design 89/6 Titanium

Profilpas Design I-Design 89/6 Titanium

Furthermore, Metal Line 89/ is available in the brand new range of LED profiles Prolight (Metal Line 89/ L). In this case, it is a skirting board, in anodised aluminium, that has an additional LED-lighting strip system that allows to create new space concepts, by customizing every place where it is applied.

Metal Line 89/L - Prolight

Metal Line 89/L

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