Profilpas for the new metro station at Milan Central Station

The importance of expansion joints

Profilpas supplied the expansion joints for construction of the underground paving in the new metro station at Milan Central Station.

Expansion joints are the lynchpin for this type of work because underground floor surfaces come under a lot of strain: the enormous amount of footfall they have to carry, vibrations from the trains and buildings several storeys high above them which generate movements that are transmitted down to the floor surface.

For this reason, the resistance to a whole range of movements and weights that it has to support must be calculated when planning paving of this kind. The flooring used in these cases is a type of mesh with flexible properties that can accommodate the expansions and contractions that the materials undergo. So in the design phase it extremely important to identify the variables and choose an expansion joint with the right properties in terms of compression and expansion coefficients.

Profilpas for the Milan Metro

Movement Joints Projoint DIL NTI 100

When they were working on the new metro station at Milan Central Station, Edilmebas di Rovigo, a leading company in the paving sector, opted for the NTI 100 edging from Profilpas for laying the ceramic tiles supplied by Floorgres. Given the structural features and the size of the tiles, NTI 100 from Profilpas proved to be the most suitable edging for this work.

This edge strip is from the Projoint DIL range, a range of movements joints suitable for ceramic floors that are normally subject to high levels of expansion. These edge strips are particularly recommended when laying large surfaces at the points where there are dividing joints present in the substrate, to attenuate movement due to expansion or contraction or to absorb vibrations.

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Movement Joints - Projoint DIL NTI 100

Projoint DIL NTI 100

Specifically, NT edge strips are movement joints for ceramic floors that are subject to intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and therefore ideal for use in places such as the new metro station at Milan Central Station.

The drilled fixing tabs in stainless steel alloy AISI 304 ensure perfect anchoring between the substrate, the joint and the tiles. With its Epdm elastomer vulcanised directly onto the steel strip, the joint has the flexibility to handle compression and expansion with the range +2 to -2 mm.

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