Profilpas for Milan CityLife

Profilpas was chosen to give shape to the curves designed for the CityLife district in Milan, the futuristic focal point conceived with the Expo 2015 in mind, by the starchitect Zaha Hadid, through the provision of bendable terminal profiles in painted aluminium for the construction of terraces.

The first housing units have been completed in the last few days, construction of absolute quality with a value which oscillates between 6 and 11 thousand Euro per square metre. There are 118 units under construction and 103 will be sold officially, with the property deeds, within the year.

The properties in question are part of two very different buildings, the result of the genius of two world class architects, Daniel Libeskind, who prefers broken lines and Zaha Hadid, who especially focusses on smooth curves.

The complex is made up of 530 apartments in all, but only 230 have already been sold. The redevelopment of the former Fiera Milano has been designed by the company CityLife, who has corporate giants like Generali and Allianz backing it.

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The complex of Milan CityLife is characterised by its uniqueness: here customers dictate the lines, shaping apartments which each differ from the others. Some details hint at the high technical level and technological character of the residential district put into construction with the Expo 2015 in mind. When the contracts are drawn up, each owner will be provided with a tablet containing a “user’s manual” for futuristic home owners and calibrated with the apps which are already available to the tenants. Moreover, as part of the services included within “the package” are baby sitting, dog sitting, concierge and 24 hour surveillance, a help desk and free wi-fi in public areas.

Between the two blocks lies a 40 thousand square metre public park, which will be inaugurated on December 6th.

Profilpas has designed and built the bendable terminal profiles  in painted aluminium for the construction of the terraces according to the dictates of Zaha Hadid. These are essential elements in keeping with the Iraqi architect’s project: the curve of her drawings had to find the right balance between security and aesthetic yield.

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