Profilpas for Giorgio Armani Retail

Profilpas enters into Giorgio Armani stores!

The brand Profilpas was inserted into the Giorgio Armani Retail book for the renovation of all their retail outlets in Italy and overseas with two references: article 54/a for the bordering of doormats and article 90/6: skirting boards from the line Metal Line in silver anodized or white painted aluminium.

Counting a fashion giant such as Armani among its customers is a great achievement for Profilpas. Their first shop called Emporio Armani was established in 1981, in via Pisoni 1, is now a building which is commonly known as Palazzo Armani in Milan. In the same year the first Boutique called Giorgio Armani was opened. Since then the opening of new retail outlets has spread throughout the world until it reached an apex in 2002, when in the space of 365 days 60 new stores were opened while 27 underwent restyling.

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Profilpas products will be used in all of the upcoming Giorgio Armani Retail stores opening throughout the world.

The 90/6 model of Metal Line skirting boards, with finishes in anodized and white painted aluminium, represents the utmost in the minimalist elegance of skirting boards, as it allows a fine junction between wall and floor. Thanks to the distinguishing protruding wing, perfect coverage of the perimeter area is guaranteed, hiding even the smallest expansion spaces.

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