Profilpas for restyling the Cotto d’Este entrance

The laying of some types of floors and coatings on existing surfaces requires extreme attention to details.

Profilpas offers a complete line of profiles for small gaps with a wide range of listellos, universal rounded or squared, separation joints and movement joints, perimeter fittings and nosing edges to suite every need in laying mosaics, tiles, resin and material like Kerlite.

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A very interesting product in the Profilpas range is Proangle Q, a line of profiles ideal for the protection and decoration of the outside corners of ceramic coatings and for the protection of stairs, avoiding the unattractive and fragile 45° cutting edge of the tile. The square shape allows precise definition and linearity of the space. The version in silver anodized aluminium and in chrome plated brass is also recommended for applications such as stair profile, there are also special components available for the realization of external and internal corners.

Profiles for Small Gaps - Proangle Q ZQB45

Profiles for small gaps – Proangle ZQB45 Q

During the Made Expo this product was personally chosen by Mr Mussini, owner of the company Cotto d’Este, Panaria Group from Sassuolo, specialized in the production of coatings and porcelain tile floors of the highest quality in the high-end and luxury segment.

Mr Mussini has specifically requested the profile for small gaps ZQB45 during the renovation of the entrance stairs of the Cotto d’Este company head office , consisting of terracotta effect porcelain tiles Kerlite 3plus Buxy.

Profilpas for Cotto d'Este 1

Renovation: Phase 1

Profilpas for Cotto d'Este 2

Renovation: Phase 2

Kerlite Buxy is the ideal proposal for the most refined and exclusive enviroments since it combines the lightness and the extraordinary beauty of the plate with the practicality and technical excellence of Kerlite. A series of laminate stoneware effect floors and wall tiles that give life to a new concept of ceramic coating.

The combination of these two materials has converted the rustic style of the entrance of the company into an elegant atmosphere of great design.

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