The new Profilpas display cabinets

The importance of point-of-sale material

The use of profiles in the world of flooring is gradually developing and increasing, appearing in showrooms not only as a practical element but also as a decorative one.

Until recently, we would never have imagined that this development would be supported by such a highly-professional display system as that manufactured and presented by Profilpas during the last edition of Cersaie in September 2014.

Indeed, the creation of the new display concept is the result of an increasingly strong demand from sector operators to have a tool that is able to propose, exhibit and represent the use of these products in a real and comprehensive way, not only to professionals but also to end-users.

In the wake of this demand, Profilpas studied a series of modular POSM solutions that are able to better represent the range of products occupying the right space in the store.

Creating a display corner means supporting sales, enhancing and understanding the products, and creating the conditions needed to boost sales. This is why Profilpas provides the opportunity to create customisable corners according to your needs and available space with its new display cabinets.

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The new Profilpas display cabinets

Point-of-Sale Material

The new POSM designed by Profilpas, include a range of items to choose from according to the space available: from large eight-drawer cabinets with exhibition panels and the most commonly used profiles, through to full display cases to show design products like the new range of Smart and Slim Drain shower drains or the new Prolight illuminated skirting boards and nosing profiles.

All the modules have been combined with a series of explanatory as well as sensory graphics.

The POSM is designed specifically with the goal of allowing you to enjoy the process of seeking out and selecting the product that best suits your individual needs. Indeed, the store is the place where the company reveals its identity; it is the context where the installation of the goods interprets the philosophy of those selling them.

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