Profilpas used in the redevelopment of the HangarBicocca in Milan

The HangarBicocca Foundation

The HangarBicocca Foundation is an institution involved in contemporary art and that provides an exclusive programme of exhibitions by Italian and international artists, as well as a calendar of live events, meetings and educational workshops for the public and schools.

The building was redeveloped by Pirelli who succeeded in reconverting a large industrial factory into a space for the Arts. The project started in 2004 with the creation of The Seven Heavenly Palaces by Anselm Kiefer, the artist’s most important site specific installation.

From 2012 onwards HangarBicocca has put on public exhibitions created and modelled especially for their spaces – the Shed, the Nave and the Cube – interspersing artists of historic importance with other younger artists who are already gaining a reputation. HangarBicocca is a project on an international scale for every kind of audience and reflects the Pirelli business culture founded on values loyal to research and innovation, opening up to cultural diversity, and paying attention to the community.

Profilpas skirting boards chosen for the HangarBicocca.

For the redevelopment of the Bicocca exhibition hall of the building Profilpas skirting boards were chosen thanks to their modern design in line with the setting and the message that the foundation wanted to send to the world. In fact, Profilpas skirting boards from the Metal Line range stand out from the competition due to their versatility and unique functionality, as well as their loyalty to contemporary design.

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Metal Line 90 – Flex Version

Metal Line 90 – Flex Version

Profilpas provides innovative skirting boards, offering a wide variety of combinations and colours with the aim of satisfying the needs of every living area, from small spaces to large communal areas.

Metal Line skirting boards were chosen exactly because they allow profile continuity to be created and perfectly assimilate into their surroundings and varied styles enhancing the aesthetic and architectural content.

In particular, the model that was requested and researched for this setting was the 90/10 skirting board. Metal Line 90, made in anodised aluminium, is available in different finishes and heights and is the ultimate in minimalist skirting boards, creating an elegant and refined join between the wall and floor. Thanks to its protruding fin, perfect cover of the perimeter edge is guaranteed, meeting the technical requirements of floating floors, and concealing even the smallest amounts of perimeter expansion. It is quick and easy to fix to the wall using appropriate adhesive agents (type PP/86).

Skirting Boards - Metal Line 90

Metal Line 90

The Metal Line 90 is also available in a flexible version, which is a bendable profile for fitting to ceramic, parquet, carpeted, wood or laminate flooring, where it is necessary to follow the curve of the floor.

This item has been produced using the Proflex Machine, a machine designed and specially built by Profilpas to create profiles from the Proflex line.

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