Batimat Russia 2016 ended: an edition of stimulating news for Profilpas

Profilpas at Batimat Russia 2016

Batimat Russia 2016 , the international exhibition of construction and interior, took place at Crocus Expo IEC of Moscow from 5th to 8th of April.

Batimat Russia 2016

Metal Line 89 LED Skirting Board – LED Light decorative Listello – LED Light stair nosing profiles

This exhibition focuses on the following topics: construction materials, bathrooms, ceramic tile, flooring and interior finishing. Every year, professionals, distributors and manufacturers participate in this event to show and/or collect information about the different news of the field.

Profilpas took part this year too, registering excellent results in terms of number of visits and new contacts acquired. Indeed, despite the Russian financial crisis, the outcome of this edition has been greater than the expectations with a good turn-out, maybe higher than the last year. The main products presented by Profilpas at Batimat Russia 2016 are the luminous profiles Prolight, a line of profiles and skirting boards with LED technology that is having a great success thanks to its modern and distinctive design and that has been the most popular during the exhibition.

→ Find out more about Prolight, the line of luminous profiles!

Profilpas also focused on the shower drains flush with the floor Smart Drain and Slim Drain, two different systems that combine design with functionality and that make the bathroom a simple, light and modern environment. Together with the shower drains, Profilpas presented Glass Profile, a system of stainless steel profiles for the application of glass separation walls and the finishing of the shower surface where Slim Drain and Smart Drain are installed.


Glass Profile – Slim Drain Smart Drain


Metal line AL M Design – Proangle Q and Prolist Omega Design

Lastly, a special attention was also paid to Profilpas Design, the line of profiles and skirting boards dedicated to the world of design and architecture for those who prefer a refined style with high-quality details.

Our last news keep on being successful and this edition has been a further confirmation of the success of Profilpas products not only in the Italian mother market but also in the most distant markets such as the Russian one!

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