Profilpas and Scuola Italiana Design project

Profilpas and the students of the Scuola Italiana Design together for the creation of new ideas

For Profilpas, this is the time for a new and compelling challenge that relates the world of finishes to that of training. Indeed, the company has been involved into an initiative in partnership with the Scuola Italiana Design of Padova (Italian school of design). This collaboration consists in the development of a creative and engaging project by the students of the last school year.

Scuola Italiana Design

The first meeting with the students took place on March 10th with the presence of Doctor Pasquali, CEO of Profilpas, Giulio Curti, technical director, Massimiliano Pandolfo, Italy sales manager and Gino Vestali, export manager. For Profilpas, this initiative means investing in young people, by leaving space to their ideas. The other aim is to launch new innovative products both for functionality, design and efficiency.

Profilpas and Scuola Italiana Design project - Sir Pasquali

The Scuola Italiana Design – educational branch of Galileo Science and Technology Park of Padova, a reference point for innovation and growth of people and companies – is a real breeding ground of ideas. Combining culture with experience, theory with practice, concepts with applications, the institute allows students to enter the world of design after having concluded studies.

The bond between companies and the economic fabric is strong: the students of the last year are creating a real Design Agency environment. This year the protagonist of this project will be Profilpas and the initiative will be followed by the lecturers Eugenio Farina, architect and founder of the project ArtAndThings, and Giorgio Biscaro, designer elected art director of FontanaArte in 2012.

Thanks to this activity, there is the possibility to simulate an experience within a Design Agency where the company asks students and junior designers to develop a new project. 52 students are taking part in this initiative with 11 weeks available to follow the project, a real high creative voltage period. There are three main topics for this activity with Profilpas:

– LED-light profiles Prolight

– profiles for terraces and balconies and stair nosing profiles

– merchandising for the points of sale

Prolight is a new line of profiles with direct and indirect lighting, that can make the environment where they are installed a stylish and elegant place. In addition to the LED-light profiles, Profilpas has also created stair nosing profiles, decorative listellos and skirting boards: the students of Scuola Italiana Design have to develop a new project for each one of them by combining technology with innovation and energy saving.

Profilpas profiles for terraces are a good solution for the draining of rain water, thus avoiding the contact with the screed and the creation of seepages. Available in colour-coated aluminium and stainless steel, they can be used in different contexts, both for the protection and the finishing of the external borders. In this case too, the goal is enhancing these products in order to meet the needs of the final customer.

The last topic is the merchandising for the point of sale. Profilpas has developed a set of modular solutions for the point of sale to show the products at best by occupying the right space within the showroom.

In conclusion, this initiative looks to be really interesting and we will keep you up-to-date on the development of the project. Follow us!

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